Technological outburst has percolated into all conceivable system and drawn everything into its vortex as is evident in building also going hi-tech. Today, building owners are fraught with many challenges of reducing the energy consumption, carbon footprint, privacy of the occupants, security, etc. The ripple effect is the increasing number of systems acquired to address these concerns, which in turn has created the need for a fully integrated and intelligent building management system. Having gauged the depth of potentials offered by an IBMS, more and more buildings are now trending towards this advantageous system.
Telenova’s Smart Building solutions are built on robust and time tested protocols is keeping with the prescribed standards. Our IBMS integrates all the individual components of building, communications and business management system into a centralized and consolidated single software platform that can be monitored remotely over an IP network and is also programmed to trigger alerts on detecting system failure. Our system efficiently captures real –time data and instantly converts it into actionable BI (Business Intelligence).

why choose us ?

Telenova designs and installs Building Management System is accordance to the existing safely codes and International standards independent of the size, type and Functionality if the building. Telenova always recommends incorporation of safety and security measures during the initial design stage of building constructions. However, our services can also be enlisted to render an existing enterprise BMS compliant Telenova’s array of solutions and products comprise of:  HVAC control & Monitoring  Centralized access control  Lighting and Power Systems  Visitor Management  Fire and Security System  Intrusion Detection  Surveillance and Analytics Telenova’s IBMS advantages:  Reduced cost of ownership  Lifestyle management  Energy saving  Reduced risks  Easy to operate , maintain and cost effective  Single point of control



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