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Public Addressing System

A PA system is an aggregate of loudspeakers, amplifiers and sound sources employed for the purpose of sound amplification and distribution. Over the years, the PA systems have graduated from the humble megaphone to more complex hi- sound reinforcement systems.  
The PA Systems have charted a steady course of concurrently evolving with advancements in acoustical technology. Telenova has the acumen, technical know-how and an excellent team of acoustical engineers who are capable of configuring and customising the most complex PA systems with unbeatable and superior auditory quality. Telenova also offers multiple PA configurations ranging from low to high-end multi-zone systems. Our PA systems find extensive applications in broadcasting, auditoriums, congress centres, conference venues, music concerts and theatres. Our premium public addressing systems are characterised by: 
 - High-fidelity sound
 - Reliability
 - Robustness
 - High Performance
 - Cost effectiveness