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SB-DN-HVAC Air Condition Control Module

Advanced Technology Module that install near the unit itself to save the cost of long wiring to the ordinary Thermostat and replace the ugly thermostat in the wall, it is bus enabled and controlled by the SB-DLP panel that have built in temp sensor and Air condition control. The Air condition Module can control Single and Multi stage Units (Heat, Cool, Fan low, High, Medium, VAV 0-10VDC) that Handle FCU, AHU, VAV Systems.

Power Input: DC 8-32V DC from Bus
Power Consumption: 35mA /DC24V
Output channels: Relay 5A, 1 output 0-10 VDC
Working Temperature: 0℃~+45℃
Working Relative Humidity: 20% - 90%
Storage Temperature: -40℃- +55℃
Storage relative humidity: 10% - 93%
Installation: Standard 35mm rail mounting
Communication: HDL-BUS

5 channel output: 5A Relay
All Compressor and fan power 24VAC, 110VAC, 220VAC can be connected to the 5A pass throw Relay
Fan speed: high, middle low
Mode: Cooling, heating, Humidifier , dehumidifier
Control Single or multi stage compressor.
Safety Compressor running sequence.
Safety operation ON, OFF for compressors and fans
Analog fan interface VAV can be set from 0-10V DC depend on fan speed
Bus enabled that save your wiring of normal thermostat.

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