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Home Automation Solutions

Picture the scenario where you can set the music and the ambience of the house while on the way back from work or check the security of the house from a console while in a meeting or turn up the central heating from a smart phone – all this is not sci-fi but reality that has been made possible by the technology called ‘Home Automation’. For a generation that is obsessed with technology and the constant need to stay connected, Home Automation is the most obvious and logical step in this direction where everything can be controlled at the click of the mouse, the press of a button or the swipe of a finger. 
Telenova’s smart home solutions are incredibly progressive in automating virtually any household activity, device or technology and yet simple enough to control anything, anytime and from anywhere through smart phones, tablets, web or IP based consoles. Our solutions are modular and scalable with intuitive control functionalities and characterised by a high degree of efficiency. Our robust and intelligent systems can concurrently and effortlessly process and synchronize multiple commands from any console and device.
Telenova’s qualified engineers walk the extra mile and put in added effort, thought and time to custom automate each home to suit individual lifestyles and preferences and offer seamless integration, flexibility and ease of use to render your beloved home safe and secure. Our Home Automation System adds value to your life by way of the following advantages: 
 - Improved quality of life
 - Operational ease
 - Scalability
 - Customised solutions
 - Energy Saving
 - Reliability