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Green Initiative

Telenova Networks acknowledges the seriousness of climate change and the impact high concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are having on our planet. There is growing need for businesses to become sustainable to ensure the protection of the environment from further damage. Telenova Networks is a strong believer in environmental accountability and focused on continued progress both as a business leader and as an environmentally and socially responsible company.

We believe with conviction that through our efforts and those of our partners, we can improve our environment today and for future generations. Our employees are encouraged to provide recommendations for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.
As a network infrastructure and security provider, our products are inherently green in allowing our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Our products optimize video conferencing sessions and in turn reduce environmental waste from unnecessary travel.

We take into account product efficiency when developing our solutions. We are now requiring greater than 90% efficiency from our power supplies. This reduces the electricity required to operate our systems as well the cooling required in data centers and wiring closets. Our products are all shipped in easily recycled and/or reusable packaging.

We endeavor to work with suppliers who meet the highest efficiency standards possible. Several of our manufacturing and components partners are ISO 14001 compliant, ensuring best practices around sound environmental manufacturing and safety practices.